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LE VIE DEL TISSUE - International Meeting 2014, May

International meeting of cross-cultural exchange of the
Tissue paper world

under the patronage of

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   May, 23rd, 2014
   Auditorium S. Francesco
- IT

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   Press Release, April, 14th, 2014
   Press Release, May, 24th, 2014

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More than 350 participants at the first edition.

Closes with over 350 presences, the first edition of "Le Vie del Tissue", the international meeting dedicated to the tissue paper industry, which took place on May 23rd, 2014, at the prestigious St. Francis Auditorium in Lucca (IT).

Extraordinary success for the event organized by the Technology and Passion Club with the support of the Cassa di Risparmio Foundation of Lucca and the Association of Industrialists of Lucca, under the patronage of the Ministry of the Economic Development.

The numbers of the event

Participants: more than 350
Paper sector companies: 47
Other companies: 45
Public Entity and associations: 19
Institutions and Authorities: 12
Press and media: 9
Foreign countries: 8
Schools and University: 7

The meeting was attended by four delegations from the world: Japan, Hungary, United Arab Emirates and Nigeria, this latter welcomed by the Nigerian Ambassador Eric Tonye Aworabhi and by the Minister of Political Affairs at the Embassy, Ndaman Aliyu (Nigerian Ambassador, Appreciation letter). Also present important institutional and regional authorities, including the Prefect of Lucca Giovanna Cagliostro, the Alderman of the Productive Activities of the Province of Lucca Francesco Bambini, the Quaestor Claudio Cracovia, the Mayor of Lucca Alessandro Tambellini and the mayors of the paper district of Lucca.

"Le Vie del Tissue" was a unique opportunity, at international level, to meet learn and discuss about he different realities of Tissue, as well as to highlight the excellence of each production and distribution system, focusing on aspects such as innovation, curiosity and peculiarities.

From the guest countries were present: Takeo Sano, CEO Marutomi Paper Manufacturing Co and Kimihiko Kitahara, Director of Overseas Division World Network Bridge foundation from Japan; Riad Baloukji, Group Managing Director Gruppo Boulos Lebanon from Nigeria; Helmut Berger, General Manager Abu Dhabi National Paper Mill from Abu Dhabi, United Emirates, Attila Kecskeméti and Ferenc Bodrogai, CEO Forest Papir Ltd from Hungary. The round table, moderated by the British presenter Jonathan Roberts, with managers and entrepreneurs of European and non-European companies has proven to be an interesting opportunity to acquire important information about the different productions, the resource exploitation, the environmental sustainability. The prospects for the future and has given rise also to also analyze the data from the paper district of Lucca which controls about 80% of the national production of tissue paper and 17% of the Europe data.

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The public has played a key role during the meeting, with speeches and questions to the speakers, creating an interesting cross-cultural exchange and developing a general overview of world production, the most consumed products, the characteristics of foreign markets and their distribution systems.

The day was the opportunity to reward the finalists of the concourse that every year the Club promotes and finances. This is the "University Study Award CLUB T&P" that is aimed at young graduates in various fields of engineering of the Italian universities.
(ceremony and classification). 

As framework of the event was staged in the venue of the meeting, the St. Francis Auditorium, an exhibition of tissue products coming from the different guest countries and a section with some works of the artist PAO, which for the occasion has created a work dedicated exclusively to the meeting theme.


As a curious side-event, the Headquarters of the Club, the Glass Palace in Porcari (Lucca) hosted, until May 29, the exhibition 80 YEARS IN OUR POCKETS - The history and evolution of the tissue handkerchief" which, for the first time, reconstructs the history of this ever-present little protagonist of our daily lives. Result of the passion of Silvio Fioravanti, the collection boasts more than 13 thousand pieces, coming from 78 countries, from the first models of the '30s to the latest news. The collection came, at the end of 2013, into the "Guinness World Records" as the largest collection of packages of handkerchiefs in the world.

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